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"I help Conscious Entrepreneurs translate their Soul Purpose into a tangible, easy-to-implement, step-by-step plan so they can make big money while making a big difference." -- Michelle Barr, Intuitive Success Coach

Welcome to Your Path of Purpose to Business and Personal Success!


Your Spiritual Business. Let’s Make It Happen! With Spiritual Business Mentor Michelle Barr.

From Intuitive Success Coach and Conscious Entrepreneur Michelle Barr…

I designed the lifestyle I wanted to live and built a business to support and sustain it, and now I want to show you how!

How To Build Your Money-Making Purpose-full Business Both Offline and Online Using Michelle’s System that Combines Mastery, Monetizing and Marketing. Blueprint Systems and Processes Lead You Every Step of the Way, while Mindset and Mastery Coaching Help You to Make It Happen.

Michelle has created the only Business School for Conscious Entrepreneurs that combines both strategic and intuitively-guided processes that, together, create extraordinary results. It is this unique combination of the energetic and the practical that make it so powerful!


Hello and Welcome!

You’ve come to the right place to plug into a community of Conscious Entrepreneurs stepping up into a bigger platform and building their businesses through reconnecting with and living into their Purpose.

Have you found yourself in the middle of the most intensive personal and spiritual growth and development course you could ever enroll in? Either because you decided to build your own business or to move forward into a better more expanded and satisfying life? Are you confused and frustrated by all the information that is out there but somehow just not quite complete? Do you desire additional clarity and help with the resistance that is getting in your way? Are you looking for a teacher, guide, and mentor who can offer you a model and a structure that you can use to take your gifts out into the world?

If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions (and my sense is that you probably did, otherwise you wouldn’t have been drawn to this website), then I invite and encourage you to take a closer look and open to the possibilities and opportunities that await you right here. Pay attention, because this is game-changing and life-changing stuff that has been tested and tried out on myself and my clients and students for the past 3 years, and it’s waiting for you in answer to exactly what you’ve been asking for.

"I was thanking my angels the other night for putting you in the right place with the right words at just the right time for me to hear them. It's made all the difference and it's the first time my business has taken off like this because it's authentic and it's so aligned with my path. You took the time to understand what I do from the inside out and helped me make it mine - you didn't try to fit me into a mold. Having someone who SEES you and helps you step into that vision is an amazing gift."


Lisa Wechtenhiser

The fact is that many people from all over the world have stood right where you are, feeling just like you do, and what changed everything for them is when they did something new that began to create new results and when they made a commitment and made a decision. There is a choice point in every moment, and your choice point lies right here, right now. If you are being called to do something in the world, if you have a message to share and a desire to create a better life for yourself and help others do the same, then don’t waste another minute living anything less, resisting your calling, out of alignment with your Purpose, and craving the Joy you know is possible but somehow eludes you. This works, whether you are a ledge leaper or a baby stepper.

You have a right to follow your heart. Knowing that is where your power is.

Let’s look at the things that stop you most:

  • The fears you face stepping into your Purpose
  • Self-doubt
  • A feeling of uncertainty of how to show up or where to go
  • Negative internal chatter
  • External voices telling you to play it safe
  • Lack of trust

You exist exactly as you are for a reason. Your Purpose is that reason.

So, why does it seem so hard to find and fulfill?

You can tell yourself all kinds of stories for not taking action toward your dreams. You can come up with all sorts of justifications for why you haven’t fully stepped into your own calling or taken things to the next level in your life. You say you’ll put it off for later, for another time, and then a year later you find yourself still spinning in circles, searching endlessly for answers or waiting to be shown the way.

And where does that leave you?

Frustrated, stuck and confused about how to get started and which way to go.

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Something really needs to change in my life right now!” then decide to wait until the support shows up that will allow you to move forward and do what you came here to do? Here’s the problem with that. You were made to express your Purpose in this lifetime. Your life today is a direct result of you either living in your Purpose or not living in your Purpose. Everything in your life is giving you feedback, including your bank account. If you are waiting for your freedom to show up so that you can finally follow your calling and live your Purpose, it will continually elude you. Your Freedom comes to you as a result of living and growing into your Purpose, from where you are right here and right now.

I know, because I have been right where you stand. In that choice point moment, I said, “Yes!” I made a commitment, and I made a decision. I’ve worked my way through it with amazing teachers, coaches, mentors and guides, and it made all the difference. Now I am here and ready to do that with you, to be that for you.

No Matter What! Whatever It Takes! And it has been the greatest adventure and journey of my life!

I invite you to say, “Yes!” to your adventure of a lifetime. I encourage you to make a commitment to your Self and make a decision. Whatever you do right now, before you leave this page, make a decision, “Yes!” or “No.”

What is it that these other people you see out there in the world did to enable and empower them to create these significant, purposeful and joy-filled lives living in their Purpose and creating the success they desire? The simple answer is two-fold: (1) information, and (2) accountability.

That’s right, the only thing that these people have that you don’t right now is the information that reveals how you can actually do these things and the accountability, guidance and support that the right teacher, coach and mentor can offer you. In truth, that is really what separates those who are achieving success, doing what they love, answering their calling, and feeling fulfilled in their Purpose from those who are watching their lives pass by, day after day, wishing, dreaming and getting ready to do something some day. Meanwhile, they’re stuck living a less-than life, far from the one they imagine and can actually have, doing what they “have to,” “should,” and “ought to” do rather than what they were made to do.

We live in an information age as well as an age where so many are waking up and searching. You are needed. You know that. You feel that. Your journey is important, and right here and right now  you have everything you need to begin to impact lives and make a difference. You have value to bring to the marketplace. Your gifts and your knowledge and wisdom are your vehicle.

Successful people come into and stay in this cycle, living in rhythm with the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving, seeking and providing. A harmony is created, whereby this Universal Guiding Principle is lived out: “Teacher is student, and student is teacher. Both always giving and receiving.” And through this, all grow and prosper. By coming into and constantly remaining in this cycle, your journey toward success proceeds. If you are not consistently offering what you have and investing in your own personal and spiritual growth and development at the same time, your chances of having the success you desire are very limited and hard to come by. I see this every day, and I have been known to get up on my soapbox about it.

This path will enrich your journey and your life no matter which way you choose to serve moving forward, and it will prepare you so that you have many options as you move through different seasons. Whether you are seeking personal and spiritual growth and development, want to volunteer, begin the transition from the work you do now to retirement and new possibilities, or build a thriving full-time business, you will be prepared to do so.

Right now, you are seeking, and that is a great first step. You have decided to visit this webpage, become proactive and start seeking the support and guidance that you need to achieve your dreams. Once you move forward, you will be in a position to show others the way in your own unique way, and you can begin to help them achieve their dreams, too, all while achieving your own. It’s a beautiful and organic process. More and more seekers are showing up every day, and more and more teachers, coaches, mentors and guides are needed and will continue to be needed.

I am showing up here now to be your Teacher, Coach, Mentor and Guide.

If you would like to see how I am being a Conscious Entrepreneur serving in the world, visit my website.

Don’t just take it from me; hear from some of my clients and students!

My Coach’s Request To You is that you take this next step and invest in yourself now. When I ran the pilot of this program, my clients began bringing more clients and more income into their businesses right away. This is so important, because you need the cash flow to pay for the tools and the coaching you will need to create the success you are looking for. I tell my clients and students, you are in business now. This is not about spending months creating something that might or might not sell. This is about doing this thing you have been wanting to do for so long, and doing it right – right now!

Let me let you in on a little secret…

  • Spiritual Business School for Conscious Entrepreneurs
  • The Marketing To Make It Work and The Mindset To Make It Happen
  • Build Your Foundation. Build Your Platform. Build Your Tribe.

It’s what my clients have been asking for. So, I ran a pilot program, took some clients through it, took some more clients through it, then put it out there to everybody and had some more people go through it, and now its ready for you.

Spiritual Business School is in session, and we have Conscious Entrepreneurs working their way through it every day. We would love to have you join us. I get to live my Purpose and do what I love when you show up to live Yours.

You can come in right now, and you receive lifetime access to the portal. Live Coaching and Q&A Calls are held monthly on an ongoing basis, and you receive ongoing support in a private FB group, as well as the opportunity for masterminding, networking and joint venturing with other Conscious Entrepreneurs. Plus, for those of you who are really ready to Take Action and Move Forward in your business and your life, I have outlined two very attractive private coaching options. Imagine Your Business up and running and bringing in clients and cash as well as fulfilling your Purpose before 2014 ends!

Isn’t it time your work reflected who you are and made you money?

Today is the day that your life will change. Your time is now. Imagine taking these very important first steps and what your life will look like in 90 days, six months and a year from now. Really imagine it, because that’s where we start, with your Vision, and I will teach you to create everything else in support of that.

Introducing the Business School offered by Michelle Barr which provides you with ongoing training, guidance and support from the time you begin your journey for as long as you choose to receive the benefits. This ensures you are not just pushed through a program and left out there on your own. I have developed this in its entirety to serve you in the highest way so that you are able to truly go out and serve others.

“Michelle Barr’s workshop for Conscious Entrepreneurs has had a dramatic impact on my business. Michelle helped me to see what was working and what was missing and how to get all of the pieces working together. What I enjoyed most about this workshop was the combination of energetic work and guided visualizations with the practical business knowledge. I don’t know of anyone else who combines information and energy in the same way that Michelle does. I was struggling to create my business by myself, through Michelle’s teaching and individual coaching I finally feel like I am on the right path!”


Dr. Minette Riordan

You will now be able to build a brand new business, which enables you to create your own schedule, be your own boss, have more freedom and, most importantly, help others achieve their dreams as you step up into a bigger platform to share your message and your gifts with the world.

Now, I realize some of you may be reading this and thinking, “I have no idea how to do this or even where to start.”

Don’t worry. I have taken all of this into account, and I assure you that your journey is now, and you are already on your path. You will grow and evolve in your life as you actually start doing what you were made to do and being who you are meant to be, and your business will grow and evolve right along with you.

This extensive program consists of a step-by-step, easy to understand and implement system, along with access to an entire Personal Success Library that I have built for my clients and students over the years, and me right there with you all along the way. You will have access through me to many of today’s top leading experts in the coaching and conscious entrepreneur industry. The only reason why this may seem difficult or unrealistic for you is because you have’t been exposed to the information already. And any time we don’t know anything about a particular topic, it can seem overwhelming. Fear of the unknown is a very natural and even integral part of this process. And this is going to take you out of your comfort zone, for some of you, way out of your comfort zone. But, I assure you, that is where the magic happens!

Before you realize it, you will have all the knowledge and tools that you need to create just the right business and the Sacred Success you crave.

“It was so nice to be a part of your training program and to hear your weekly calls. I can honestly say that signing up for your program was the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with you up to this point, and hopefully moving forward as well.”


Tara Favreau

That is why it’s so important to get started and learn as you grow. That is how I built my business, one step at a time, one day at a time. I hired many, many teachers, coaches, mentors and advisors and invested many thousands of dollars over a period of 3 years to share with you all that I am going to give through this one comprehensive program.

My heart is so open to all the clients and students who have been showing up in my business and in my life suddenly finding themselves called to a bigger platform, to take their gifts into the world and be conscious and authentic leaders. So I am following my heart, and through that, discovering and connecting with the true Power of my work and my Self. I am committed to living my message and inspiring and supporting and guiding you to do the same.

 Spirit does not call the equipped and the qualified; Spirit equips and qualifies the called. That is a promise. The first step is always up to You. A choice point in every moment, and your moment is NOW.

 You’re still with me – Great! So, what now?

“Wait a minute! So how much is this going to cost me?”

I imagine that’s probably the question you’re asking yourself right now. I used to ask myself that, too.

Think about this for a second; what you’re getting here is access to a body of knowledge that is going to not only change your life, but it’s also going to give you the ability to change the lives of other people. And the best part is, you can apply this new-found knowledge over and over again. It works at every stage of the game. In fact, as you gain more experience, you will only get better. This means that the money you invest today will pay you back repeatedly for the rest of your life.

I have mastered the Art of Taking Action, and right away I am going to get you into the kind of action that will create income for you. The best way to grow and evolve your business is to be paid while you’re doing it, and to be serving others who value what you have to offer. This is not about going around for years giving everything away until you feel worthy of charging for it. No! Absolutely not!

I have paid more for a ticket to a 1-day live event than what I am charging for this program, more than once, and I have loaded it with value to ensure your opportunity for success. It’s your move.

What I am offering you is a Coaching Resource that you can refer to whenever you need access to relevant information, and more than that, a lifetime opportunity that includes a community of support and accountability to plug into, ongoing training and guidance, and a teacher, mentor and coach that can walk with you every step of the way. And that’s because I am always growing and learning and investing in myself, and all of that gets passed along to you without having to go all over the place to get it.

So, what next step are you ready to take?

Your Spiritual Business School Experience Options Include:

Your Spiritual Business School Experience Also Includes At Every Level:

  • Lifetime Access to the Spiritual Business School and all its components, including monthly calls and the private FB group.
  • Intuitive Development, Energy Management and Mindset Mastery Work: Energetic Realignment work with me throughout the program so you can discover the core issues that are manifesting unwanted experiences for you and uncover what is holding you back then shift your energy to bring about healing and transformation on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Discover how these core issues are being played out in your business and how you can shift to the positive by bringing the corresponding core values into your personal and professional life to create success.
  • Support Services: Access to my Personal Success Library filled with coaching tools for transformation to use in your own practice and in your work with others; digital downloads, pdfs, and videos (Thousands of dollars worth of content and new material as I create it while you are in the program).

Right now, you have the opportunity to not only take charge of your own life, but to also help others do the same.

Now that you understand exactly what you have before you, you basically have two options. Say, “Yes!” or say, “No.” Make A Decision.

It doesn’t serve you to wait it out, to tell yourself you’re going to think about it.

Learn to make decisions. That is what successful people do. That is what will serve you well. The more you are in touch with your Vision for your life, then making a decision is easier. There is a choice point in every moment – this is one of them! – and in every moment, with every choice, you are either moving towards or away from what you want. Nothing is neutral.

This is a Universal Guiding Principle, one of 9 that I use in my work and in my life: Everything counts. Everything matters. A choice point in every moment. Our life is shaped by the series of choices we make along the way. Become more conscious about the choices presented to you. Become more conscious of your ability to choose. This requires a shift in perspective from Victim to Creator. This requires taking complete responsibility for all of it.

3D rendering of the words take action connected to a computer mouseMake A Decision is the first step in my powerful M.O.V.E. process. Make A Decision and then support yourself in it 100%. Own it. You can change your life in this instant with one very empowering decision. Take inspired action and take charge of your life.


Take NoteAnd, because I reward fast action, I offer you this Pay In Full TAKE ACTION BONUS! Private 30-Minute Strategic Business Alignment Session with Michelle when you pay in full for any option.




#Note: I understand that I am being offered a payment plan option and that this is an agreement between myself and Michelle Barr Unlimited in which this entity will be financing me. My commitment upon signing up is to the entire program, and I will fulfill my financial obligation as such. I understand that this is not a pay-by-the-month or month-to-month program. Each program has been structured for a specific amount of time, and I am enrolling in the course as it has been structured. My payment to Michelle Barr Unlimited signifies my agreement. Thank you.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at
Wishing You Absolute Joy in Your Journey!
Your Personal Success Coach,